Carbon Co-op Annual Report 2016
2015 was an exciting year for Carbon Co-op and one that saw great change. Large, long term projects such as Community Green Deal came to fruition with remarkable carbon reduction performances achieved (up to 92% carbon reductions), we embarked on a new smart grids project and for the first time we employed paid staff...

Retrofit Factfile
A short summary of facts and publications relevant to domestic retrofit.
By URBED and Carbon Co-op
September 2016


Carbon Co-op Householder Videos
In 2015, we commissioned a series of profiles, short videos that looked at the different ways Carbon Co-op members have chosen to improve their homes. From a full scale, whole house retrofit to an iterative approach over many years. From completely DIY to a fully managed and Carbon Co-op procured model. Each video looks at a different approach and highlights a different technology.


Find a photo gallery of our activities here.


Carbon Co-op Podcasts
Listen to podcasts on the subject of energy efficient retrofit.

Useful websites

URBED (Urbanism, Environment and Design) is a Manchester and London based co-operative that specialise in urban design and sustainability in an urban context.

Bristol Green Doors
Provides an excellent resourse for those embarking on their retrofit journey. While much is Bristol specific, it's worth looking at their stories database for inspiration.

Open Energy Monitor
A project to develop open-source energy monitoring tools to help people relate their use of energy, to the energy system and the challenge of sustainable energy.

Manchester A Climate Monthly
Manchester Climate Monthly exists to inform and inspire and connect people in (Greater) Manchester who are taking or who want to take action to improve the quality of their lives and communities and to prepare for the changes that are coming because of climate change and energy price rises.

Manchester A Certain Future
Manchester City Council led shared plan to tackle climate change.

Climate Just
Climate Just is an information tool designed to help with the delivery of equitable responses to climate change at the local level.

Centre for Sustainable Energy
CSE is an independent national charity that shares knowledge and experience to help people change the way they think and act on energy. CSE have a particularly good range of reports and factsheets on household energy issues.