My Home Energy Planner

Carbon Co-op are currently working with URBED and OpenEnergyMonitor to develop 'My Home Energy Planner', an online tool to enable householders to understand current energy usage and decide which energy efficiency improvements might best suit their home.

MHEP - screen grab.png

To date we've delivered over sixty Carbon Co-op Whole House Retrofit Assessments, but with demand exceeding supply we've been successful in securing funding from Innovate UK to create an online tool, reducing the time it takes to deliver assessment reports, enabling more assessors to deliver the service and providing householders with more control over the data generated. All this should mean we can reduce the price we charge and see more assessments delivered both in Manchester and around the country.

The project is open source with many people able to contribute to the tool and ultimately benefit from it. Over the 12 month development period we will be releasing new versions and testing out the tool regularly.

How you can get involved:

  • Request an assessment: we'll be rolling out whole house assessments as part of the project at a reduced cost, if you'd like one please email us to express an interest:
  • Attend one of the monthly Eco-home Lab events: as part of our ongoing energy monitor hack labs we'll be testing and developing the new tool, join the group to attend:
  • Link up via GitHub: for those with a programming and technical interest, the code and full documentation is available here:
  • Become a supporting organisation: we're interested in working with Community Energy organisations that might like to offer whole house assessments in their area, if you are interested please get in touch:

As well as URBED and OpenEnergyMonitor a number of other organisations are currently participating in the development including Red Co-op, National Energy Foundation and the Centre for Alternative Technology. We're also in close touch with the Department of Energy and Climate Change and other Community Energy organisations and networks.